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If car parking games playable on our website is not enough, then maybe parking that 18 wheelers might be what you were looking for. Play Truck Parking Games for ultimate parking fun.


18 Wheeler 2

18 Wheeler 2 game: Huge trucks, tight parking spots, and no time is what makes this truck parking game so special....

Played: 58706 times

Park My Emergency Vehicle

Play Park My Emergency Vehicle Game: Rush over to the training ground and show us that you can handle driving huge emergency vehicle in the tight streets. Park the vehicle on marked spaces before the time runs out, and b...

Played: 50282 times

Heavy Truck Parking

Play Heavy Truck Parking: Try to park as accurately as possible without damaging your heavy truck. Don't hit obstacles or you'll see damage costs go up. When you find your way to parking spot, precise-o-meter will show ...

Played: 46517 times

18 Wheeler 3

Third and some might say the best game in 18 wheeler series is out, and all we can say is: have a go!...

Played: 30778 times

18 Wheels Driver

Try your skills and practice in driving and parking the real 18 Wheeler. Complete all missions to get 18 Wheeler Truck License and welcome to our Truck Drivers Club....

Played: 27508 times

Big Rig Parking

You own the only truck stop in existence with valet parking. In hindsight this was not the smartest idea, but things are what they are....

Played: 27332 times

Park My Big Rig 2

Play Park My Big Rig 2 Game: Hurry up to park that big rig truck onto marked area before time runs out. Try to avoid crashing it into obstacles such as asphalt holes, fences, walls, and other parked or moving vehicles....

Played: 27161 times

18 Wheeler

18 Wheeler: Park 18 wheeler truck into designated parking areas before the time runs out. Try to finish the levels as quick as possible to get more points. You lose points when you crash the truck so be very careful. ...

Played: 16247 times

Park My Truck

Play Park My Truck Game: Park My Truck is one of the best truck parking games for boys. The goal of the game is to park your truck in a designated spot and perform various additional tasks. Don't forget to keep an eye on...

Played: 13052 times

Just Park It

Play Just Park It Game: If you're tired of seeing the usual auto, truck, or bus rides, then how about some trailer truck for a change and see if this is up to your liking? The game also features 15 different parking spot...

Played: 8287 times

18 Wheels Driver 3

Play 18 Wheels Driver 3: 18 Wheels Driver 3 puts you in the shoes of a big rig driver. Your goals consist of delivering goods all over the town. The quicker you deliver the goods, the higher your score is for that level....

Played: 7505 times

Just Park It 2

Just Park It comes in another installment, with the same quality and playability as its predecessor. Find that tight parking spot and park that big rig. If parking a car is too easy for you, then parking a truck with att...

Played: 6845 times

18 Wheeler Traffic Jam

18 Wheeler Traffic Jam: If traffic jam is not enough, try it while driving 18 wheeler! This game will teach you how to handle heavy-loader while driving it through narrow streets during rush hour!...

Played: 6412 times

Heavy Duty Parking

Heavy Duty Parking: The Heavy Duty Parking game goes beyond the usual concept of parking cars because not only will you be able to test your parking skills, but you get to do them while riding on some of the heavy duty i...

Played: 5846 times

Just Park It 3

Just Park It 3: You are aimed at proving your driving skills in ten different levels and 15 challenging parking spots that the game offers. You are needed to follow the arrow signs always so as to find the parking spots....

Played: 5348 times

Vacation RV Parking

Play Vacation RV Parking Game: Prove your skills and pass through all the eight amazing levels by maneuvering your RV to its parking spot while traveling in various destinations. Try to complete you goal before the time ...

Played: 5032 times

American Truck 2

Play American Truck 2 Game: The American Truck 2 is the second version to the successful American Truck flash games. If you got the guts to drive a big truck, here's your chance to do it. The objective of the game is to ...

Played: 3947 times

American Truck

American Truck challenges you to park a semi-truck in a short amount of time. Each level is more difficult than the last with more turns and more things to hit. Each level gives you a 30 second timer, and three lives to...

Played: 3431 times



There are whole lot of games on the Internet all dealing with parking different kinds of cars in the right parking lot. However, the most entertaining and demanding for this entire category are game which are the most difficult. What can be more difficult than to park a giant truck with an enormously long trailer attached onto it. That is right, nothing. Thus truck parking games are by far the best games of this type available online. Luckily, we have them all gathered at a single place. So, wait no longer, take you pick from the best truck park games now!

Naturally, not every truck parking game is the same. Some are more difficult than the others and some have completely diverse concepts of gameplay. Still, all truck parking games are great and you cannot possibly make a wrong choice once you opt for playing games which require you to park your enormous truck in the right parking lot. There are many things which can spice up your truck parking game experience too. For example, parking can be the least of your worries. Many of these games require solving missions, delivering things, detaching the trailers and performing many other things before you are even allowed to approach the truck parking lot. Also, you might have to take good care of your fuel levels and tank your truck before parking it. There are various variants of truck games for you to choose from. If you don't like one, you will definitely like another one. Just don't quit, there are big rig parking games which will fit you like a glove.

If you prefer truck parking games which involve violence, explosions, even guns and lightning speed, take your pick, since countless of these are available. On the other hand, if your vision of having fun while enjoying truck games is driving a truck, maneuvering it through numerous difficulties before parking it, feel free to choose since there are a lot of these games for you too. In short, there is at least a single truck parking game for each and every person on the globe. Knowing all this, you should not miss a single second being away from your perfect truck parking game. Rather, find it, start it, enjoy it and remember it, since you will try many more once you get addicted to the best and most awesome of all truck and 18 wheeler parking games available here!