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The Long Bus Driver 2 Game Review


The Long Bus Driver 2 Game Review


Long Bus Driver 2
Long Bus Driver 2
Have you ever wondered how hard it is to ride and to park a bus especially one of those long two-part buses? Then why are you waiting, you can do so right now thanks to the popular Long Bus Driver 2 game.


In Long Bus Driver 2 you will play the part of a bus driver where you are responsible for transporting the passengers from one stop to the other through different routes while trying to handle a long two-part bus through the city facing many obstacles like cars and road bumps and of course you have to avoid hitting the pedestrians.


Game Play


The Game is simple: when you begin the main menu contain four entries which are Bus racing games, Start game, Help, and Top scores. The help section is simple enough mentioning how to play and the game controls:

Accelerate: upward arrow key,
Backward: downward arrow key,
Left: left arrow key,
Right: right arrow key,
Brakes: space-bar.

Before starting the game, you can choose the color you desire for the bus as you can modify the main color and the secondary color which represents lines on the side and the top of the bus. You are able to choose from five different colors: blue, yellow, red, grey and sky blue.

After choosing the color you will be shown the map on which your destination is visible so that you can decide the best route to get there. Press continue where you see the bus in the parking show from a helicopter view.

The game screen has different buttons to make for an easier gaming experience
On the top left corner ==> the timer
On the top right corner => the sound control if you want to disable it
On the top middle => the current level
On the bottom left corner ==> Menu, Map, Pause, Restart and Help
On the bottom right corner => Damage bar

There is a red glowing pointer on the screen that points you towards the final destination. Using the arrows drive through the suburban routes where you drive in one way streets passing by pedestrians who you have to avoid as if you hit one the game is over. On both sides there are gardens and building of different colors with graphics that are similar to the usual flash games they are interactive and detailed to a satisfactory level. While you are driving take care not to bump into other cars especially at turns and cross sections. When you reach the destination it will be marked on the ground by a pulsating yellow color. Trying to park this huge bus is tricky, particularly driving backward as it is a bit different to control the two parts of the bus.


The game is similar to other bus parking games. The controls are very sensitive to even the least touch causing the bus to turn and the handle brakes are very helpful and set this game from the others. You play from level 1 to 17 with advancing through the levels you explore different routes with more traffic to make it harder to reach your destination. If you are a fan of bus driving this is definitely your game. Also, if you haven't played with the bus before, it's a good challenge to show off your skills by driving it through the neighborhood.


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