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Game intro: Just another day in the big city for taxi driver. Drive your SIM Taxi through busy city, pick up customers, and take them to where ever they want. Make money, watch the curves and other cars, listen to the radio and enjoy cruising the city streets. Great real life taxi driver simulation!

How to play: Use up, down, left, and right keyboard arrows to control your sim taxi, M music on, N music off, R radio, < and > radio volume, and 1, 2, 3 for radio stations.

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Game file: simtaxi.swf

Image file: simtaxi.jpg

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Sim Taxi Game Review


Sim Taxi Game
Sim Taxi Game
Being a taxi driver is hardly an easy business. You earn as much as your skills are worth. Therefore, you need to have a nice vehicle, be on the right place in the right time and provide good service for all those in need of a taxi. For all you who like everything about driving a taxi and having a calling like this try Sim Taxi, it's a car parking game which can offer you quite a lot.

Sim Taxi is all about taxi driving. Namely, you've got the whole lot, the car, your personal assistant who is in constant contact with you via the radio, finding customers, and the whole town you are to know as the back of your hand. Sim Taxi requries you to find the right people you will ride, to travel safely and provide the people in your taxi vehicle a good ride and to reach their destination in the shortest timespan possible. This will be good for the Sim Taxi customers, but it will be even better for the taxi driver, which is you, since the sooner you satisfy a customer, the more money you get. Thus, Sim Taxi is all about skills. Do you have what it takes? If you do, feel free to test your taxi skills in Sim Taxi!

As for the graphics and the very dynamics of Sim Taxi, you can only stand amazed, since this is one of the best taxi games around. Sure, it's not a 3D fancy version of a taxi-based racing game and what not. Still, Sim Taxi is a great game which will offer you a bird-view perspective of the town you'll be driving your taxi around. Moreover, you will have all the cool gadgets one taxi can have. Sim Taxi will enable you a GPS device which will act like a super-intelligent radar, helping you find places for your Sim Taxi customers and finding the customers in the first place. Then, all you need to do is to turn on your radio, pick one out of 3 relaxing stations and head on, doing your taxi business, Sim Taxi style!

All in all, it is a cool game you need to try, since Sim Taxi will change your attitude towards taxi games. It is nice, it runs fast and beautifully and it even enables your to save your Sim Taxi progress when you exit and start over each time you continue playing. Thus, try this cool game now, try Sim Taxi!