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Game intro: Take the parking skill to next level, literary. Pro parking is challenging car parking game with one goal - drive various vehicles to the marked parking spots, just follow the arrows on the road. Some missions require you to drive fancy cars back to the apartment, while other to tank the fuel on a gas station. All in all, fun game with plenty of interesting levels.

How to play: Use the ARROWS to drive the cars around the streets, SPACE to brake.

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Game file: pro-parking.swf

Image file: pro-parking.jpg

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Parking Your Car Is Even More Fun With Pro Parking - A Unique Parking Game


Racing games have been in demand ever since the concept came in the scene. But along with that now it’s time also to park those cars which you have been racing with. Pro Parking is such a game that lets you park your cars in the slots designed for it.

But that’s not the only mission that you have to fulfill. In Pro Parking, you have to go through several targets to reach the target slot and show the parking skills that you have. Once you reach the slot and park our car, you advance to the next level starting from the same parked slot and then the difficulty level increases. But the goal to be achieved remains the same- find the perfect parking slot. Sometimes you may even have to drive the car back to the apartment or go and re-fuel it at the gas station. Clear the missions allotted to you and advance one level up.

In Pro Parking, the rules are very simple, simply race against time and reach the suitable parking slot within considerable time. You will be guided by several arrows on the way. You simply have to follow them and reach your slot. But just be cautious, because time is running out.

The opening screen in Pro Parking shows three cars parked next to each other horizontally and a man standing on the footpath. You have to take the man to one of the cars of your choice and then take that car out of the slot and start driving towards the target, following the arrows.

On the top of the screen you can see the health which is the fuel power of your car, the time which constantly keeps ticking, the level you are on and the score. The quicker you park the car in the apt slot, the more points you get. Though it seems like one of normal car parking games, the navigation is not very easy and you have to take efforts to move the car. But once you get the technique, it is a lot of fun to find the perfect slot and park the car there.

The game Pro Parking is seen in an aerial view so it provides a very clear view of the road, the slots available and also the route you are supposed to move on. The graphics are amazing and because of that it makes you stick to your seat and keep playing. Cars are made extremely attractive and the road is aptly designed to provide a unique experience of a challenging game. Also the controls of Pro Parking are made easy like any other racing game that, the four arrow keys. And for using the brake, use the space key.

Pro Parking is a game which is designed correctly for playing when you simply want to pass some time and play some games. It requires concentration as well as consistency to enjoy the higher levels as the basic levels are a bit easier and the real fun lies in tough targets. A  little different concept after all the racing games that we have had, Pro Parking is a game which can be played by people of all ages and its one of the best ways to entertain yourself.