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Game intro: Park the expensive, celebrity cars in the parking lot. But watch out for the sharp corners and make sure that you do not damage the cars!

How to play: Use left and right keyboard arrows to steer a celeb car, up and down arrow keys to accelerate and break. Space bar is for honking/weapon use.

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Game file: parkmycar.swf

Image file: parkmycar.jpg

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Mister, Please Park My Car

Park My Car Intro Screen
Intro Screen
Being in charge of parking expensive cars is both a privilege and a great responsibility. You see, guys who have a lot of money, spend plenty on their cares and, once you are supposed to park them you need to be extremely cautious. A smallest mistake can cause great damage and, besides you losing your job, being unable to park someone's car properly, you will not be able to place your beloved behind onto the extravagant leather seat of a brutally expensive car. The challenge is great, the rewards even better since these people give monstrous tips for a job well done. So, if you think you have what it takes to park some fancy cars, try playing the game.

Before you start playing flash game, you need to know that this is by no means an easy parking experience. Customers will often ask the impossible and you will be forced to park a person's car in pitch dark. Also, during the day, car parking game will have dogs walking around the parking lot, getting in the way of your mission to park the expensive vehicle perfectly. As if that is not enough, these rich guys can be blind as well, since, more than once, Park My Car will have a blind man wandering around your park space. Then, you are to sound your horn, get him the hell out of the way and continue with your diligent car park procedure. Park My Car will have other cars bothering you as well. Thus, this game is more than just a mission in which you have to park a car some rich guy can call his own. Nooo! The game tests your driving skills, your skills to park and you capabilities to avoid all the obstacles, living and still, which stand in the way. So, each time you see a loaded guy waving his keys, yelling “Park my car!”, you will know what to do. Keep it calm, steady and flawless. That is what this free game is all about. Your awesome scores will be posted online, making it possible for you to compete with the other Park My Car players.All in all, if you want to enjoy beautiful graphics, with many different cars, situations and options, accompanied with realistic sounds and states of affairs, you want Park My Car.