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Park My Big Rig 2 Game

Park My Big Rig 2 Instructions

Game intro: Hurry up to park that big rig truck onto marked area before time runs out. Try to avoid crashing it into obstacles such as asphalt holes, fences, walls, and other parked or moving vehicles. You only have five lives, so spend them wisely. If you complete 5 levels, you'll be getting a bonus life. Have fun playing big rig parking!

How to play: Use arrow keys to drive the big rig.

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Game file: parkmybigrig2.swf

Image file: parkmybigrig2.jpg

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Park My Big Rig 2


Parking is one of the most difficult arts of driving a car, as far as learning is concerned. With parking, each car is a different story, behaving uniquely during the reverse mode controlling. Hence, with every single car, you need to be a sort of an expert in order to park it perfectly. However, some people have it harder than others – people who drive big trucks and other kinds of big vehicles. In order to walk in the shoes of these professionals safely, the best thing you can possibly do is play Park My Big Rig 2 here!

This excellent game is pumped with adequate graphics, depicting situations where big rig vehicles may be used. Thus, you will park on landfills, construction sites and various other areas of this type. Unfortunately, this will not make it easier for you. On the contrary – the bigger the car is and the harder the terrain is, the more complicated it gets. Do you think you can manage it? Try Park My Big Rig 2, as well as many other awesome car parking games here!

As far as the vehicles are concerned, you will be put behind the wheel of many gigantic members of the car and truck family. You will handle regular trucks, full or empty, as well as monster trucks, ambulance cars, tow trucks and what not. Therefore, the range of your expertise will vary.

Of course, all cars will behave differently, both while driving normally and while being in the reverse mode. So, you will need to accommodate to these changes and get the best out of them, leading all the big rig onto the desired spot marked as parking. Check Park My Big Rig 2 out now!

Once you manage to get used to the demanding aspects of this game, as you advance through the levels, you will witness the escalation in difficulty as well. Subsequently, you might find yourself driving big rig during the night, with nothing but your car's lights guiding you. Also, the number of other vehicles and various other potential obstacles increases with the number of the level you are at. Stay careful and sharp and drive those big beauties where they should be driven professionally.

To cut the long story short, Park My Big Rig 2 is an excellent game which has been created with great precision. Yet, at the same time, it is a game which will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. So, do not miss this marvelous game – play it now!