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Parking Perfection 3 Game

Parking Perfection 3 Instructions

Game intro: Third sequal of now very popular parking perfection game series. This time, you need to follow the instructions from your personal trainer, or fail the exam.

How to play: Use keyboard arrows to get to the licence to drive.

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Game file: parkingperfection3.swf

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Parking Perfection 3 Game

Parking Perfection 3
Parking Perfection 3
What is your favorite driving maneuver? If it is parking, you must check this game out. Parking Perfection 3 is the newest of the eponymous games with new and exciting look on perfection. You will be faced with some of the most complicated parking puzzles can face in real life, and the least you can do is park absolutely perfectly. What is more, you are in Britain, where the law is hard and almost everyone is a hard core perfectionist. Thus, your driving instructor and tester will have an incredibly weak stomach for all your parking imperfections, resulting in him filling his pants each time you make more than 3 parking mistakes.

Merely Parking is Not Enough

As mentioned above, you do not have to be good. Rather, you must possess the best parking skills ever and be perfect, to say the least. Only as such will you be able of making mister examiner satisfied and his pants clean. Thus, if you think you have the perfection needed for flawless parking in various situations, try Parking Perfection 3. Sit in your disobedient, far from perfect, purple Volkswagen “beetle”, and make everyone proud. This game is excellent for those who are about to take their drivers exam, and fear parking will be their greatest problem. Also, those who have experienced parking many times in life and reached perfection in this field, should try Parking Perfection 3 too, so than they can revive their young, inexperienced parking days, without making any actual harm. All in all, making a virtual guy do the number two in his pants, due to your lack of parking perfection, is far better and safer than doing the same thing in real life. Yet, do not think that Parking Perfection 3 will be all mere fun and games. On several occasions, it will make you lose your head and start banging the desk, angry and irritated by your parking failures and the examiner's perfectionist attitude. Nevertheless, most of the time, you will just have good, healthy fun. After all, if Parking Perfection 1 and Parking Perfection 2 games were just an average games, there would not be a Parking Perfection 3, right?

This game is perfectly organized, the dynamics are excellent and the graphics quite pleasant. Your authentic car will be hard to manage and “feel”, so, you will need quite a lot of exercise to make your parking truly an art of perfection. Now, go, step on it, but be careful, since nothing but perfection is expected from you.