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Parking Perfection 2 Game

Parking Perfection 2 Instructions

Game intro: Tight corners and hard levels are what makes this park my car game so special. Just like the first part of parking perfection, but much harder. Improve your skills while driving around narrow parking driveways. If you just touch a single parked car, you'll have to start the level all over again. The running time will make you go fast and precise :)

How to play: Use keyboard arrows to do some precise parking.

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Game file: parkingperfection2.swf

Image file: parkingperfection2.jpg

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Parking Perfection 2


Parking Perfection 2 is the second game of parking perfect series. It is categorized in the car parking games category and it is presented by the famous mouse breaker and developed by flash den. The game is all about parking cars. In order to win, the game you have to park your car nicely in the parking lot. In this game, as its name suggests, perfection is the key term here. You have to be extra careful not to hit anything. This new game has special features that distinguish it from Parking Perfection such as the presence of ice paths. Some of other features includes parking your car while in darkness.

The game is characterized by tight corners and hard levels which make the game more special than the others. Touching a single parked car means that you have to restart the game all over again. The player of the game must park his car in the highlighted and marked space. Great care must be taken not to hit other vehicles or objects on the way. The desired parking area is usually highlighted in distinct and visible color such as yellow. The game has different high scores for different levels.

Players graduate from one level to another depending on how perfect they are. The game has different time limits for different levels. The scoring of the game is basically determined by the perfectness of the player. The higher you score the better the chances you have of proceeding to the next level. Each level of the game has a newer challenge it presents to the player.

Just like others of its kind, this game is controlled by use of arrows. There are the left and right arrows, the up and down arrows. The up arrow is used for propelling the car forward while the down arrow mostly reduces the speed. The left and right arrows are mostly used for controlling the car and avoiding hitting other cars. The space bar is used for hard breaking especially in emergency which is common in this game. Parking perfection is played online for free. This game follows the concept of the previous series of parking perfect 1 only that it’s a bit harder and more challenging. Its toughness is well highlighted by the presence of the new types of ice roads.

The perfect parking game series has been rated as the best online games of all times and Perfect Parking 2 is not an exception as it’s a part of this series. The game has been reviewed numerous times by its players. Although most kids have termed it as hard, they are highly appreciative of the fact that it acts as anew   challenge to them. The game has outstanding graphics and high quality colorations. The game allows the player to save his score and also see his friends score for comparison. Winners are also awarded with fictional medals that make it a highly competitive game.

Parking Perfection 2 is very common among kids. According to online statistics its one of the most played and highly rated games. This is due to the fact that it helps in sharpening the skills of the child as they are made to drive around narrow parking drive ways.