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Parking Perfection Game

Parking Perfection Instructions

Game intro: Park your car perfectly on a designated parking space. Miss by an inch, and you will suffer the consequences.

How to play: Use up, down, left and right to navigate your car through a crowded parking lot.

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Game file: parkingperfection.swf

Image file: parkingperfection.jpg

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Parking Perfection In the Detail


Parking Perfection
Level one
There is a great craze all over the Internet these days. It has everything to do with parking cars perfectly. This kind of fun offers an enormous amount of good time and millions of people spending hours sweating over these awesome games bear witness to their quality. Still, you need to try one in order to judge one. Parking Perfection is a great game of this genre. Thus, if you are to pick out a good, no, an excellent parking game from the whole lot, you cannot go wrong with Parking Perfection! It is a flash game with the coolest graphics, the best parking missions and the ultimate source of fun a parking lot can provide. However, perfection is the only way of passing the demanding levels of this game. So, if you think you have all the necessary perfection to park you vehicle flawlessly, play online game and prove it!

Parking Perfection, as it's name suggests, is all about precision and the art of parking your car perfectly. Therefore, it is not enough to merely get to the required parking lot and leave your car on the parking spot. No, Parking Perfection needs you to position that vehicle exactly onto the desired surface, not a single inch left astray. It's not easy and you will have trouble possibly wanting to crash your display, keyboard and your own hot head. However, keep your calm and let the game teach you how to reach the art state of parking. Once you become a Parking Perfection guru, perhaps you can use the knowledge gained here in real life and park your car like a pro no matter where you go. Therefore, wherever you go and whatever you do, Parking Perfection can help you. Educational, stressful, perfect and providing awesome amounts of fun, Parking Perfection is something you cannot miss. That being said, beat Parking Perfection, or die trying.

The best thing about Parking Perfection is the size of the cars you are supposed to park. Namely, these are huge! So, this car parking game provides you with an excellent overview of the whole parking situation, leaving the rest to your sense of perfection. Finally, the music is great, the effects even better and the challenges will make your blood rush all over your brain, as you try to figure out the way of beating the game and its challenges. It's fun, it's great, it's made for you – it's Parking Perfection!