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Parking Mania Game

Parking Mania Instructions

Game intro: Hop in a mini car and show us your parking maneuvering skills on a parking lot. Each level gets more difficult as you progress through hard car parking game levels.

How to play: Arrow keys to drive and steeer the Mini.

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Game file: parkingmania.swf

Image file: parkingmania.jpg

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Parking Mania Game Review

Parking Mania
Parking Mania
All you parking maniacs out there, here is a game you will love more than anything. Parking Mania is plain and simple. You are to park your car meticulously in the shortest time possible. If you love parking in real life you will love Parking Mania too!

Parking is not an easy job. Rather, it is quite hard to place your vehicle properly when other negligent maniacs park theirs improperly. Nevertheless, you can be a maniac too. However, your mania will be that for parking properly and diligently. Thus, here, you are to find a proper parking spot, use all your driving skills and park your car beautifully.

A Single Parking Does Not Make a Mania!

If you thought that Parking Mania is just about parking your car simply onto an empty space in the parking lot, you are very wrong. No, man, Parking Mania is about love for parking your car properly! It a mania because you can never get enough! Once you prove yourself to be a parking maniac capable of achieving the best results in one mission, there will be more right away. Parking is a way of life in Parking Mania. Thus, every time you prove your competence regarding your advanced parking skills, Parking Mania will surprise you with even harder a challenge. You will be parking in every possible direction, among all sorts of other cars, standing in your way. The maneuvers in Parking Mania will make you lose your grip and try one level over and over, desperately trying to park right, falling further into rage if you fail. Mania? Yes it is. Not just any mania, Parking Mania!

Cute and Simple, Yet Still a Parking Mania!

The simple graphics in this game may make you doubt in Parking Mania at first. Regardless, give it a chance. If there is truly a parking maniac hiding somewhere inside of you, it is bound to stand up to the parking challenge . Your little Minnie Morris will get parked as it is made, sharp, precise and flawless. The green environment of the parking lot in Parking Mania will calm your eyes and the gray asphalt will test your capabilities. The rest is up to you. You can either prove that you know absolutely nothing about parking, or release the maniac inside of you, winning every parking puzzle Parking Mania may place upon your wheels. If the second option matches your character better, go! Step on it and enjoy the endless fun of Parking Mania!