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Parking Lot 3 Game

Parking Lot 3 Instructions

Game intro: Avoid obstacles at all cost. Your job is to park expensive cars on to the parking spots without a scratch. The health bar will tell you if you have gone over maximum allowed damage. More than a few scratches on a car, and you will lose one life. Only 3 lives are available. Hit to many and game over for you. Also, keep an eye on a clock, because the time is running out fast. Hint: If you can't find your parking spot, just follow the arrows painted on the road.

How to play: Up to accelerate, down to brake, left and right keys to steer. Also use Space bar for parking brakes.

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Game file: parkinglot3.swf

Image file: parkinglot3.jpg

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Parking Lot 3 Game Full Review

Stop your vehicles now! A change is about to occur, altering both our linguistic and physical standards. Parking games exist no further. From now on, Parking Lot 3 is the only game you need if you enjoy parking cars in the most exciting and most impossible situations. Therefore, all other car parking games of this type are redundant as they cannot get close to this magical creation, the third chapter of the excellent saga, the amazing Parking Lot 3! If you happen to have doubts and think that there is a better game out there, feel free to change your mind! Oh the fun, the amazement, the joy, all here for you to have. Thus, skip the boredom and all other crappy parking games. Good bye, for you do not need them anymore, you must give it a shoot!


All this obsession with this parking game stems from a wide array of interesting features car park game possesses. Namely, the basics are all there. You are supposed to park a car onto the right spot at the parking space. You need not make mistakes since these will cause the game to end before you can beat all of its challenges flawlessly.

However, the game is innovative on many different fronts. Firstly, you are driving a single car you need to preserve through your parking adventure. The car's health will indicate the length of your fun. Once the health meter has been depleted by your reckless wheeling, the game is over. Therefore, keep those eyes on the screen and drive cars like a pro.

As for the game itself, it will involve you managing to park your car during traffic jams, oil spills, holes in the road and various other obstructions, movable and still. Parking Lot 3 also features parking your car under the most exciting circumstances. You will have to deliver the vehicle to the parking lot during fog, icy road situations or night time, when the only vision you have is that provided by the two headlights of yours.

All in all, Parking Lot 3 is a mystery to be solved by your skillful hands. Wait no longer, get in the blue car you have and show the world all the capabilities you have in store, taking this machine around the parking lot and delivering it onto the right spot with no troubles whatsoever.