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Parking Lot Game

Parking Lot Instructions

Game intro: Park your car in the designated space before time runs out. You only get three chances per level so try not to crash! Control your car with the arrows.

How to play: Use up, down, left, and right keyboard arrows to control a car on a parking lot.

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Game file: parkinglot.swf

Image file: parkinglot.jpg

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Parking Lot Game Review

Parking Lot
Game Image
Of all the car parking games available out there, Parking Lot is by far the best one. This game will make your parking world a unique experience. That is, if you are into parking cars and things like that. Parking Lot will require you to be sharp, fast, precise and possess all the qualities necessary for parking the right car in the right place. Mistakes are not allowed since each wrong step will cause the game to reset. What's more, you only have three resets to spare, since then, the game will be over. So, Parking Lot is not for those who do not know what they're doing. Rather, Parking Lot is a game for true parking gamers, those who can deliver that fancy car to its right destination without so much as a scratch. Think you can do it? Try Parking Lot!

Even though the rules are quite simplistic, this game is great from the first level to the last. The game progresses gradually, getting harder and harder as it moves on. Therefore, you need more skills than you had last time, each time you get to a new level. The terrains will be more difficult, the turns more demanding and the situations more stressing. For example, Parking Lot will sometimes make you perform a simple U-turn and park the damn car. On the other hand, on some other occasions, Parking Lot will need you to avoid many obstacles and park a car barely fitting the lot next to a police car while the street is raging with traffic. Now, this is real park-a-car experience you should not miss.


The music in this game is cool and relaxing since you'll need all the concentration you can get during your difficult car parking assignments. The sound effects are realistic and so are the controls. You will need some time to get used to all this, but once you do you will perceive Parking Lot as a worthy challenge and will go through different levels of the game with breaking many grains of sweat! Still, it is all worth it since Parking Lot is a very addictive game offering you tons of undeniable fun one hell of an amount of good time. Also, while you're here you might want to give Parking Lot 2 and Parking Lot 3 a go, since sequels are long here. So, without further ado, the best thing you can do is try the game yourself. Wait no more, go and play Parking Lot!