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Game intro: Park My Truck is one of the best truck parking games for boys. The goal of the game is to park your truck in a designated spot and perform various additional tasks. Don't forget to keep an eye on what is happening around your heavy load truck.

How to play: Use the ARROWS to steer a truck, L for lights on, O for lights off, SPACE to handbrake.

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Game file: park-my-truck.swf

Image file: park-my-truck.jpg

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Park My Truck - Ultimate Truck Parking Game


Park My Truck is an ultimate truck parking game for boys. The goal of the game is to park your truck in a designated spot and perform various additional tasks. As soon as you hit the start button, you'll get forwarded to the main menu of the game where you can check out the instructions, turn the sound on or off, pick the color of your truck, play a variety of free car parking games on a third party website or simply click the play button and enter Park My Truck.

The controls are quite simple; acceleration, steering and reverse are done by the keyboard arrow keys. You can also switch the lights on or off by pressing the 'L' button. Space-bar is used as a handbrake. If you look on the right side of the screen you will see a model of your truck which can be customized; you can paint your truck in red, blue green or black. The background music of Park My Truck is very dynamic and has a cool beat.

As soon as you enter the game you'll be notified by the game's help system that you have to enter the parking area and carefully park your vehicle in order to stop the tractor. If you need additional help at any point later in the game, you can access it via the help button located at the top of the screen. The upper right corner of the main game window holds the damage bar that indicates how much damage have you inflicted on your truck.

It's good to pay attention to this indicator all the time while playing the game. The bottom of the screen also holds a few important indicators and controls. First there's the 'reset level' button which can be used to reset your current level and then there's the level indicator which shows which level are you on. Just next to the level indicator is the 'score' counter which shows your current score. The 'exit' and the 'pause' button that exit and pause the game are also near.

Once you start playing, you must be careful not to hit any structures, obstacles or vehicles on your way, because that will add negative points to your score and ultimately end your current run. Each level has a different task that has to be accomplished so the help system will briefly explain the current task each time you start a new level in Park My Truck. The main goal of each level is to park your truck inside the yellow lines, but this is not always so simple as it sounds, because you have to perform many small tasks or avoid some obstacles in order to get near the yellow parking area.

Park My Truck requires a steady hand and a good coordination because even a one small move can cause your truck to crash. The game is made even more difficult by the fact that you have to park your truck backwards and avoid the traffic. Once you successfully complete a level, you'll instantly get forwarded to the next level. If you fail to complete the level, you'll be thrown back to the "lobby" where you'll be offered to try again. Park My Truck is a fun little game that will test your skills to their limits and stay your companion for a long long time.