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Park My School Bus Game

Park My School Bus Instructions

Game intro: In the game of Park My School Bus, you as the driver will have to maneuver your school bus in order to reach its parking area. Move your bus along the busy streets until it reaches its destination point. Avoid colliding any cars or buildings so that you will not lose a turn and start all over again. You are given 5 minutes to park your bus. You must be able to complete all the levels to win the game.

How to play: Up to accelerate, Down to drive backwards, Left to steer left, Right to steer right, Space bar to play again after a failed attempt

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Game file: park-my-school-bus.swf

Image file: park-my-school-bus.jpg

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The Park My School Bus Game Review


Do what to know what it's like being a school bus driver? Do you want to learn the basic skills of parking before actually getting in front of the wheel? Well here's your chance to imitate the job of a bus driver by playing this game called the Park My School Bus game and in this article, we are going to all about this popular gaming that can be played on the internet for free. This article will also serve as a review in order for us to know about the game's performance in delivering the ultimate gaming experience that all players want to get.