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Just Park It Game: Truck Parking To The Max


Just Park It Game: Truck Parking To The Max

Are you up to the challenge of riding a big rig today? Do you want to test your skills and see if you got what it takes to carry a real man's ride? Then hold on to your seats because today we are going to know more about this game entitled the Just Park It game. And in this article, we are going to make a review about it so that flash games will get to have a feel of the game before playing it in actuality.

Just Park It

The Just Park It game is one of the many parking games that can be played on If follows a typical parking game format, but it features a very different vehicle that you don't normally see in other flash parking games. If you're tired of seeing the usual auto, truck, or bus rides, then how about some trailer truck for a change and see if this is up to your liking? The game also features 15 different parking spot, each posing a great challenge as each level progress. So master all your driving skills because you will really be in for one hell of a game, one that you will surely keep coming back for more.


The Review Of The Just Park It Game

Now let us check some important aspects of this game and make a review on each of their performance:

1. The controls of the game - The Just Park It game follow the usual control format being utilized in most parking games. The mouse and the arrow keys on the keyboard are used mainly to play this game: Up (drive forward); Left (turn to the left side); Right (turn to the right side); Down (drive back); Space Bar (brake); Mouse (in-between levels and menu interaction). You are given one life for this game and it comes with a great advantage because the truck won't be damaged in the even of bumps or collision. All you need to think about to get into the parking spot in the shortest time possible.

2. Difficulty of the game - The level of difficulty of this game have truly gone a notch higher because you are driving a big vehicle. Not to mention, the fact that you are riding a big rig makes it even more difficult since the truck is carrying a trailer load at the back and you have to make sure that is fits the parking spot just right or you won't be able to get to the next level. This game is recommended for older kids and young teenagers who have to master the skills in driving before actually getting in front of a vehicle.

3. Graphics and design - The graphics are superb and it goes to show that the developers of this game really put a lot of effort to make the gaming environment worthwhile for all the gamers. There is no doubt that this game will become a hit and surely it will last for a very, very long time.


The overall rating for the Just Park It game is 9 out of 10. So go to you nearest internet cafe today and try this game. Enjoy playing!


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