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Just Park It 3 Game Review


Just Park It 3 Game Review

Just Park It 3 comes as the new truck parking games special flash interaction. It is the 3rd in the Just Park It series and this time round the driving challenges encountered are harder than the two earlier editions. You are aimed at proving your driving skills in ten different levels and 15 challenging parking spots that the game offers. You are needed to follow the arrow signs always so as to find the parking spots. These parking spots are adjacent to each other and you will see the next parking spot after safely parking your truck in the current spot labeled 'Back' and 'Front'. Drive your huge truck and find the parking spot of your choice, and be always on the wheel because you’ll have to master your driving/parking skills behind the wheels of this powerful and long 18-wheeler. Driving such a long vehicle isn’t easy, but what makes it rather harder is that you can’t hit vehicles and other surrounding objects. Just Park It 3 is a game that really tests your driving skills.

Just park It 3 is one of the most challenging parking games that one can play. You are not driving some small sports car. In the game you are needed to determine how you will steer your 18-wheeler from side to side of the fully parked parking lot and park it safely in the right parking spot. These parking spots will be highlighted all across the city. You’ll have to be easy on the wheels and drive slowly and ensure that you do not damage your truck or other cars. Not only will the game test your driving/parking skills, but also your patience.

Just Park It 3 seems very challenging for the fact the driveway is narrow and every time you hit a barrier, vehicle or any object, you lose life and your truck continues to increase its damage levels. If you hit the side of the road repeatedly the truck get damaged and you lose, and you will have to restart the game in order to play again.


There are 3 parking spots in every level. Try parking your track by driving with the arrow keys and braking with the spacebar. Reset the game by hitting 'Reset'.

The game is quite satisfying in case you accomplish all the challenges successfully, but it isn’t the easiest game to master. Try to master the truck and complete all the levels in being the best truck driver in the game while still having fun. You will have to use your actual driving skills as this is nothing different from what you face in a busy and crowded city. Good luck and cheers!


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