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Heavy Truck Parking Game

Heavy Truck Parking Instructions

Game intro: Try to park as accurately as possible without damaging your heavy truck. Don't hit obstacles or you'll see damage costs go up. When you find your way to parking spot, precise-o-meter will show how precise you have parked.

How to play: Park that heavy loader with arrow keys. When you're finished with truck parking, press Space to confirm.

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Game file: heavytruckparking.swf

Image file: heavytruckparking.jpg

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Heavy Truck Parking Game Review


If you are a fanatic of driving heavy trucks then Heavy Truck Parking is the game for you! This is a simple, challenging and unique online flash free game suitable for all ages. This truck parking game is played online meaning that you must have internet access and the game is only available on the website that is you cannot download it to your computer implying that you ought to have a preinstalled flash player as a support during game play. Again you do not pay anything to access the game as common to other games, that is you do not need a user name and password to  start playing absolutely free!

This is a single player game which involves driving the truck to the designated area and parking it in the best way possible. It has highly refined graphics and sound effects that gives you the real world experience when maneuvering through its complexity driving your adrenaline level higher and higher while playing. On the game play screen you will be prompted to play, once this is chosen another screen will be displayed where you will have four options these are:

a) Play, this brings you to the game play screen which has a start tab that you use when you are ready to start.

b) Help, this gives the directions on how to control.

c) Play more and

d) Download games.

How to play

During game play the left and right arrows are used to steer the truck left or right and up and down arrows to move forward or backward. Then the space button is used to prompt the completion of the game and awarding of points which means that you have accurately parked the track. All the levels have a preset time limit which when exceeded you lose the game and then prompted to try or restart again depending on the number of trials that you have made. Simply drive and park the truck at its parking slot and then press space bar before the time meter level falls to zero, this meter is located at the top of the right side of the screen. Directions on how to get to the parking slot are shown by white arrows on the ground and in some levels there are multiple routes.

The game score

The number of points that you get will depend on three aspects that is: the time taken to complete the level, how accurately you have parked the truck measured by percentage shown at the bottom of the screen when parking and the level of damage to your track displayed at the top left corner of the screen. The game contains twenty five levels whereby the first level contains three lives that gives you two more chances to try again even after completely crashing your truck until the number of lives is zero, the number of lives are incremented by one as you unlock new levels.

This is the game that you will want to play over and over again.