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Glamour Parking Game

Glamour Parking Instructions

Game intro: All your co-workers are sick and you are the only car parking available. You have to park all the luxury cars without a scratch or you get fired.

How to play: Use left, right, up and down keys to park glamour cars to designated parking spots.

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Game file: glamourparking.swf

Image file: glamourparking.jpg

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Glamour Parking Game

Parking with style
Parking with style
You know those guys who work at hotels and all other fancy places, but are they there only to park your car? Well, imagine that one of those guys were you. Would you have all it takes to do such a job. Parking a car correctly requires skills and patience. All these cars are not your and you will get fired after you crash a car of even scratch it one bit. Either way, you will get your ass kicked and no one will hire you again. If you like the stress of this situation, try Glamour Parking, the greatest car parking game of all times.

Glamour Parking is all about glamour vehicles. Thus, there are not heaps of junk you're just supposed to leave wherever you see fit. These are glamour cars of pretty important people who like their fancy wheels parked in their reserved parking lot brilliantly. Thus, Glamour Parking is all about that, park the cars perfectly on the right parking spot. But, again, Glamour Parking offers a lot more. How? Well, find out by playing Glamour Parking!

Even though this is just a flash game, Glamour Parking is done pretty well. The car dynamics are quite realistic and your 2D driving capabilities will be put to a serious test. In Glamour Parking you will be asked, no, ordered, to park a vehicle at pretty demanding positions, and you are allowed to fail only once, after which time your complete Glamour Parking session will end, just like real life.

The music is cool, the animations are funny and comic-like, and the graphics are benignly amusing. All in all, Glamour Parking is a great car parking game which surely deserves your attention. If you do not try it, perhaps you think you do not have what it takes, or you are afraid of a true Glamour Parking experience? Hopefully, you are an excellent parking driver who offers extra precision and a beautiful service like a pro. Then, Glamour Parking is just the game for you. As it was mentioned above, Glamour Parking has it all, the style, the demands, the story, the gameplay. All it misses, is you and your busy, capable fingers driving those fancy cars where they belong, in the right parking lot of Glamour Parking! So, wait no loner and get busy with this game which is truly an endless source of good, parking fun! Play Glamour Parking now!