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Gas Station Parking Game

Gas Station Parking Instructions

Game intro: Gas Station Parking is simple, but very helpful little game that will train you to perform precision parking on the gas station stops. Take a test of 9 increasingly difficult levels on the special rest stop parking lots. Avoid items lying on the tarmac such as traffic cones or oil stains.

How to play: Use arrow keys or WSAD keys to drive cars and minivans over parking stops. Press Space to handbrake.

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Game file: gas-station-parking.swf

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Play Gas Station Parking - Advance Your Parking Skills in Real Life

In real lives, not all of us are perfect in gas station parking and sometimes we commit mistakes, which prove costly. Everybody knows the scientifically proved fact that playing free car parking games on the computer can help us improve physical actions as well and by playing a fun Gas Station Parking flash game you will most probably increase the chances of having a good park next time.

In this game, you are offered to drive a virtual car and your mission will be to drive a car safely at the designated place that is indicated on screen. You might be thinking what so difficult in that, let us inform you in order to examine and improve your driving skills and performance game is designed with many obstacles from your start point to end point. In order to complete your mission successfully, you must avoid hitting your car with these obstacles and park your car in order to enter next level. As you progress in levels, obstacles and difficulties increase and one must try to park the car as clean as possible. There are lots of benefits to play a game like Gas Station Parking major benefit being improved parking skills with unmatched entertainment while additional benefits being at least if you fail then you can try again and damages to car will not cost as expensive as in real life. Besides all car parkers play in a free internet environment in which no matter how much property you destroy during your car drive you are not required to pay a single penny fine about it.

Get set to play

In the gas station parking game you can easily control your car with keyboard direction keys and space-bar for hand-brake or you can use common control keys w, a, s, d to steer forward, backward, left or right. You can also work on your driving skills in this environment and get yourself trained for sharp turns. While driving a car as an experienced person you must always keep the speed of your car in manageable safety limits, if neglected you can seriously injure you, your car and other people on the road. However in Gas Station Parking flash game we can assure you no matter how many times you are involved in an accident, you will never get hurt but in our motto is not to encourage speed over limit in real life. Those who are new to driving are also welcomed into this small flash game in order to learn some car driving basics such as how to avoid obstacles, what are parking instructions one must follow while parking a car, how to park a car without any damages to own and others car and so on.

So next time when your dad or any other family member gives you the car keys to get the car parked, you can accept it with confidence that might it is virtual but you do have some car parking experience. However, we will not recommend you to depend on virtual gaming experience only if you are an amateur driver and really do not know how to drive a car.