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Car Park Challenge Game

Car Park Challenge Instructions

Game intro: This is one busy parking lot. Find an available non-handicapped parking space and park your vehicle before the time runs out. Do not hit shopping carts or vehicles, or you will damage your sparky. Are you good enough for car park challenge?

How to play: Accelerate with the up arrow key. Brake/reverse with the down arrow key. Steer with the left and right arrow keys.

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Game file: carparkchallenge.swf

Image file: carparkchallenge.jpg

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Car Park Challenge

Car Park Challenge
Car Park Challenge
Do you know those annoying and challenging situations when you find yourself in front of a supermarket parking lot, with absolutely no vacant parking spots, and yet you need to park. What's more, a bunch of self centered idiots have left their shopping carts all over the place, thus making your parking challenge even harder since you have them to avoid as well. In these unfortunate states of affairs, all the empty parking spots are those for disabled people, and all you can do is drive your car around, desperately searching for a place to park it. This stressful and challenging occasion is exhausting to say the least. Nevertheless, now you can prepare for it and develop your car parking skills so that you can deal better with similar challenges in real life. All you need to do is play a round or two of Car Park Challenge.

Beautifully, Challengingly Realistic Car Park Hell

The first thing you will notice once you start playing Car Park Challenge is its absolutely realistic graphics. It looks like the whole car parking is being recorded from the top of the supermarket, and your blue “beetle” is having the car parking challenge of its life, along with you clenching the steering wheel inside, desperately trying to find a place to park safely and avoid any damage to your precious car. Your car speedometer and almost the entire control board are clearly visible, making it easier for you to calculate your proper car maneuvers, parking it and conquering the challenge this game imposes. This will not be an easy parking task. Often, you will have to drive your car to different parking lots in order to find an empty spot to park. However, Car Park Challenge has this one difficult too. Namely, there will be numerous other cars moving around, along with the passing shopping carts and similar, troubling issues. Your car has to stay damage free until you park it, if you do not want to spend money on its repair. Truly, parking your car has never been such a challenge, at least not in the gaming world. All things considered Car Parking Challenge is a game worth trying. Its looks, gameplay and plenty of interesting features will give you lots of amusing, yet challenging time, battling your car through the supermarket's parking hell. So, what are you waiting for, take that empty space before someone else does!