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Now here is game collection you will not find on any other site out there - presenting bus parking games. Get behind the wheel of that yellow school bus and show of your maneuvering skills driving a bus full of passengers.


School Bus License

Play School Bus License: Earn your license to drive the school bus by taking a series of challenging tests! Pick up kids on your way to school and drive carefully. Don't hit buoys. Now here's a great bus parking game for...

Played: 76742 times

Airport Bus Parking

Play Airport Bus Parking Game: We all know that airports are very busy, especially on holidays and rush hours. But someone has to make sure everything runs smooth, plains flying on time, and passengers are happy. Shuttle...

Played: 8954 times

Busman Parking 3D

Play Busman Parking 3D Game: 3 strikes and you are out! This is how this game is played. If you want to prove you bus driving skills, you must show some precise control of your bus or you will never make it in a driving ...

Played: 7646 times

Long Bus Driver 2

Play Long Bus Driver 2 Game: In Long Bus Driver 2 you play the part of a bus driver where you are responsible for transporting the passengers from one stop to the other through different routes while trying to handle a l...

Played: 7449 times

Park My School Bus

Play Park My School Bus: In the game of Park My School Bus, you as the driver will have to maneuver your school bus in order to reach its parking area. Move your bus along the busy streets until it reaches its destinatio...

Played: 7426 times

School Bus Parking

School Bus Parking: Try to park your yellow school bus without hitting other bus or other obstacles too many times. You will have 5 lives, that means that you can hit other buses/obstacles 5 times before the game is over...

Played: 6498 times

Long Bus Driver

Long Bus Driver: The objective of the game is very basic because all you need to do is to bring the bus to its parking area. This may sound easy, but doing this is a totally different story for you have to make sure that...

Played: 5602 times

School Bus License 2

Play School Bus License 2 Game: You will have to go through a series of tests before you can ride off your school bus into the busy streets. This is a very addictive game in which you mission is to pick up children at th...

Played: 5399 times

Vacation RV Parking

Play Vacation RV Parking Game: Prove your skills and pass through all the eight amazing levels by maneuvering your RV to its parking spot while traveling in various destinations. Try to complete you goal before the time ...

Played: 5032 times



For all you fans of the parking game genre, here is something new and unforgettable. Namely, we have all become experts of parking expensive cars or just regular vehicles of this type. However, this requires us to move on to the next level and introduce something a bit more demanding. Anyone can park a car. On the other hand, not anyone can manage to control a bigger vehicle, like a bus, for example. You can, you say? Well, then... you just have to visit the place where all the coolest bus parking games dwell, don't you. Head over here and play the finest of all Bus Parking Games now!

Park That Bus Like a Pro!

As we all know, parking a bus is not an easy task to do. First of all, these means of public transportation are robust and very long, making it hard for you to coordinate, move and manage to assess the right angle of motion, especially when you are driving in reverse. Thus, you will need a lot of skill for Bus Parking Games. Remember, crashing your bus is simply not an option!

Speaking of all of your options, Bus Parking Games offer you an endless choice of themes, surroundings, buses and goals for you to enjoy! For instance, you might need to drive the school bus, where the point of the game will not be just simply parking the vehicle. Rather, you will need to overcome various problems and puzzles found in traffic, while, at the same time managing to reach your destination and deliver every child home safely. Demanding enough? You haven't seen anything yet, but, if you like these kinds of games, Bus Parking Games are the choice for you.

Next, you might want to ride the sightseeing bus around the city, carrying a bunch of people on the roof of your vehicle. Here, you will need to follow routes or visit interesting parts of the virtual city on time, while not allowing any of the passengers to fall down off the bus and die. So, these forms of games are for the experienced car parking player. Nevertheless, you can join in the fun right now by visiting Bus Parking Games!

Finally, regular buses can be an option too, where you will undergo countless adventures, helping people reach their destination while doing your best to drive like a pro and park flawlessly wherever you are. Visit Bus Parking Games and show the world that you are the best person for this demanding job!