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BMW Parking 3D Game

BMW Parking 3D Instructions

Game intro: Now introducing 3D car parking game: BMW Parking 3D. If sky camera was not enough for you, now you can play car parking game in 3D environment, giving you more realistic car parking so far. Try to squeeze that BMW onto a right parking spot without a scratch.

How to play: Use arrow keys to drive BMW.

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Game file: bmw-parking-3d.swf

Image file: bmw-parking-3d.jpg

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BMW Parking 3D Flash Game Review


Online flash games have always been taking improvements since the first time they appeared on the Internet. Almost all aspects have taken a great deal of refinements; now the details are better, game types are added, controls are easier, and UI is improved as well. The greatest refinement is of course a transformation from the old-fashioned 2-dimensional interface into 3D. Although the implementation of 3D has not reached all games yet, it is pleasing to witness that such impressive development has started the invasion. With a compatible web browser and a good internet connection speed, anyone can enjoy high quality entertainment contents in the shape of flash games.

The good thing is that although details, interface, and genres are improved, flash games still maintain their user-friendly aspects as found in one of the interesting 3D car parking games called BMW Parking 3D. This game can be considered as a driving simulation, where players have to drive a car to certain spots as instructed. BMW Parking 3D has a player control a car to enter a parking area. It is not a racing game; however, player has to park the car precisely in the marked spot before the allocated time runs out.

BMW Parking 3D has 24 levels; to advance to the higher/more difficult one, a player has to win a level. Player can lose because he/she crashes the car or time is up. In this case, the game will automatically redirect to the beginning of the level for the player to retry. Basically, the higher level will be more difficult; the allocated time is reduced and the parking area is more crowded. Therefore, in a higher level, a player needs to be quicker to meet the time requirement yet more careful since chances of car crash are higher as well. The score is calculated based on the remaining time; total score is as well informed at the end of every level.

The interface is very clean; the game does not have many statistics to show on the screen. In fact, there are only two indicators, which are time and compass; they are located in the upper corners of the screen. From all the available parking spots, there will only one specific area marked by red arrows. The player must drive the car accurately to park it in that spot.

As mentioned earlier, such flash game still maintains its user-friendly factors, especially concerning camera view and controls. By default, player sees the car from third person's point of view; it allows for wide-viewing angle and it is nice to help to avoid crashes. Arrow keys are assigned to move the car and space button functions as brake. Calibrating the camera view is not possible, remapping the buttons is not allowed as well.

Its 3D-based gameplay seems to be a good selling point. As a matter of fact, most high-definition entertainment contents are created with 3D technology. It is great to know that even a flash game, for example BMW Parking 3D, can feature such good quality visual treatment. In summary, BMW Parking 3D is a good example of 3D-based online flash game with improved details without sacrificing user-friendly aspect.