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18 Wheeler 2 Game

18 Wheeler 2 Instructions

Game intro: Huge trucks, tight parking spots, and no time is what makes this park my truck game so special. Big rig is hvery hard to drive and park, so are you ready for an 18 wheeler ride?

How to play: Use up, down, left, and right keyboard arrows to control huge 18 wheeler, H to honk, Space bar to break.

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Game file: 18wheeler2.swf

Image file: 18wheeler2.jpg

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18 Wheeler 2

18 Wheeler 2
18 Wheeler 2

Imagine, a hot summer day at work, your office being the monstrous 18 Wheeler with a sexy fire paint job at the front, making it stand out from the crowd. Various different tasks, plans, goals. Yet, your mean machine with wheels counting eighteen needs a lot of care. You need to fill it up with gas regularly, take good care of it, avoiding other 18 wheelers and other cars that might get in your way and surpass numerous other difficulties which make you a proud driver of this 18 wheeled monster of yours. If you like this description than 18 Wheeler 2 is definitely a game for you and all others which thinks that 4 wheels and a small trunk are simply not enough.

18 Wheels of Trouble

18 Wheeler 2 is not an easy game, even though its character may suggest so. Rather, you have different gameplays to chose from. Firstly, if you are a more responsible person, feeling the passion of driving the 18 wheeler in your blood, you may chose the adventure mode. Here, you will take your eighteen wheeled monster on various different missions, following the game's interesting story. Your 18 wheeler will run out of gas, have troubles maneuvering through the dense parking lots due to its enormous size and demanding wheels, and confront many other different challenges, making 18 Wheeler 2 truly an original game of this type.
Secondly, if you are a hot head trucker, settling for the raw adrenalin rush delivered by the very fact that 18 wheels are ripping the asphalt beneath you, while you step on the gas with no fear, then the killer mode will fit you like a glove. Whichever mode you choose, you will surely enjoy 18 Wheeler 2.

Graphics and Gameplay of 18 Wheeler 2

This game is excellent. The vibrant, adjustable graphics offer both those with older computers and those with high tech ones to enjoy riding the powerful 18 wheeler and set the cruel road on fire. As for the feeling you get when you play it. 18 Wheeler 2 is no easy game. Rather, especially in the adventure mode, eighteen wheels will get the best of you many times. However, with persistence and a cool head, you will manage to control these burning wheel's wheels in no time. This does not imply that you will finish 18 Wheeler 2 easily. No, no, trucker... it is not easy, but, it is one of the best games out there, it is the 18 Wheeler 2.