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18 Wheeler Traffic Jam Game Review


18 Wheeler Traffic Jam Game Review

If you like finding new games on the computer to play, especially if you like strategy or driving games, then you will absolutely love this game called "18 Wheeler Traffic Jam". This game truly makes you think on your feet. Instead of using a steering wheel you are using the arrow keys on the keyboard and instead of a brake pedal you are using the space bar. Some people are not able to steer with the arrow keys. Such as, when you are driving the 18 wheeler up you are using the arrow keys properly, right turns it right and left turns it left, but when you are driving down the screen turning with the right arrow key, it actually has you turning left and the left arrow key has you turning right. Which can be a lot more complicated then you think.

As you begin this game at level one you only have one truck and one place to choose from. Once you choose that place, you have to go from a long parking spot that is in front of houses into four lanes of oncoming traffic but you have to turn around and face the proper way. When you start you are facing the opposite way then traffic is going. Some of these cars are nice and will stop, but not for long. Others won't stop at all and that counts as one of your lives when they smash into you. You then have to get properly into a lane or you will get hit by the cars that are or will be on each side of you. By the time you do that and think you got the hang of it, its time to try to turn the truck into this small parking lot. Now remember that the cars don't give you a chance to stop or back up. Another thing is the parking lot is on the opposite side then where you started. So you have to go through the four lanes of traffic to get to the parking lot and then figure out how to turn into this lot without hitting the people on the bicycles or the cars that are parked in the grass right after the entrance. Rest assured you probably will not make it the first couple of times, it is okay none of us have. If you do make it to level two at all, then we applaud you. This is a real thinking game.


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